Different types of research

Quels sont les différents types de recherche?

The referral centre manages several research protocols for patients affected by different cardiac illnesses like dilated cardiomyopathy, hypertensive cardiopathy, amyloidosis (senile TTR, AL, AA, etc.). This can involve:
A monitoring centre or logbook: these studies consist of gathering results from different examinations to gain a better understanding of the illness’s mechanisms and progression but also the care and quality of life that the patients have. In these studies, no changes are made to medication (no experimental medications) or care.
A clinical trial: research protocols aim to test how efficient and well-tolerated a new medication is in a target population before it is put on the market and given to a larger population. All clinical trials are subject to selection criteria to limit risks, often including: age, illness, medical history, etc.
Biological sampling: scientific research often involves taking biological samples to learn more about the illness (gene expression, DNA changes, etc.).
Whatever the type of research, participation is purely on a voluntary basis, no research will begin without your prior consent. Your decision will not affect the medical care you receive.