World Amyloidosis Day

Vendredi 26 octobre

The Amyloidosis Alliance hereby invites you to take part in the first ever World Amyloidosis Day, by joining us for one of the online events taking place worldwide on October 26. Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt shall present the first session as well as the ”My AmyloStory” miniseries, which will serve as a window into the life of amyloidosis patients. Professors Julian Gillmore and Laura Obici, both recognised worldwide as experts on the disease, shall explain what amyloidosis is, and what forms it can take. Experts and patient association representatives from all over the world will explain what challenges they face, what hopes they harbour and what their everyday life is like. The first session shall be followed by four mini-group sessions, each dedicated to one of the four forms of amyloidosis. You will find below the details of the schedule.

Eric-Emmanuel SCHMITT, parrain de la journée mondiale de l'amylose est venu au Centre de Reference Amylose (le CHU Henri Mondor) rencontrer les patients et les soignants.