Clinical research

Qu’est-ce que la recherche Clinique ?

Patients are at the heart of clinical research, with the goal being to improve patient health. Patients can become an active part of research by taking part in clinical trials.
Through clinical research, we aim to improve and expand knowledge of this illness so that diagnostic tools can be put in place and new treatments can be developed. This scientific approach aims to show that molecules with therapeutic properties in plant and cell models can be used to treat people.
As clinical research is split into several stages, you can join at different points:  
Stage 1: Is this treatment dangerous for people?
Stage 2: What is the correct dosage for this medication?
Stage 3: Is this treatment more effective than placebo/the standard treatment?
Stage 4: Are there side effects? Or further benefits?
For the cardiac amyloidosis and cardiomyopathy network, clinical trials mean that we can put forward new, innovative treatments for patients.